Quality is always COPRAUTO’s number one priority and it constitutes the foundations of the entire company. All of our projects and ambitions for growth are based on quality. For COPRAUTO quality applies not only to products and services, but also to the collaborations and partnerships that we establish with our clients, as well as with our suppliers and external and internal collaborators. 

There cannot be high quality products and services without a supportive and high quality work environment in all senses.

The COPRAUTO company has an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified quality system.

INSPECTIONS DURING PRODUCTION – In COPRAUTO all of our productions (be it prototypes, large serial productions, dies, metal or machine work) undergo strict inspections throughout the production process.

The materials employed in the fabrication of our products are purchased from certified supplies, which are verified upon the arrival of the materials, either through internal checks involving sampling or if necessary through focused lab analyses.

THE METROLOGY ROOM – The metrology room is essential for ensuring accurate dimensional checks. It covers an area of approximately 90 sqm and is provided with an air-conditioning system.

Our experienced technicians have at their disposal the latest generation of measuring tools and cutting-edge software. All of the tools undergo regular checks and pre-programmed calibrations


Our metrology room is equipped with the following:
– N° 2 manual 3D measuring machines + measuring software SURFER EVO
– N° 1 automated 3D measuring machine + measuring software METROLOG X4
– N° 1 Optical measuring machine KEYENCE IM-7030
– N° Digital microscope Leica DMS300

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