We produce light metal work in carbon steels, stainless steel (primarily AISI304 and AISI316) and in aluminium.
We have two 2D laser cutting machines, numerically controlled press brakes, tig welding machines and all the equipment necessary to complete the items on the company premisis.

FASI DI LAVORAZIONE – Generally, the production cycle of these kinds of items consists primarily of the following stages:

1- Generating the shape of the unfolded item. With the use of specific software, the mathematical models of the items to be produced are programmed so as to obtain the vectorized profile of the unfolded item (the initial shape which will then be folded).

– CUTTING THE UNFOLDED ITEM. With the use of 2D laser cutting machines we obtain the “flat semi-finished products”, i.e. the items that need to be produced at the first stage of production.

If needed, once they have been cut, the items undergo other mechanical processes, such as countersinking and threading.

3 – FOLDING. The flat items are then folded to design with the use of numerically controlled presses.

We have two numerically controlled presses with 7 controlled axes, a maximum power of 250 tons and a foldable length of up to 4 metres.

4 – WELDING. The folded items are then transferred to the welding department, where expert and certified welders carry out the requested welding to design, using either tig or continuous wire welding.

If requested, the components can be assembled with the use of spot welding machines and threaded inserts (such as nuts and/or screws) can be inserted through projection welding.

5 – FINALISATION. Finally, the components enter the finalisation phase where they undergo a treatment of fine-tuning of the surface, such as tumbling or manual sandpaper grinding cycles. If needed any inserts are then inserted by pressure.
6 – STORING AND SHIPPING. After our Quality Checks Unit has carried out a final inspection, the components are ready to be stored and managed by the shipping department.

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