We are specialised in the production of compound, progressive and transfer dies. We are also able to produce dies which measure over 6 metres in length.

We support our clients thoughout the entire process, during each phase until we have achieved what they desire.

PRE-SALE – Already during the pre-sale stage, our clients can rely on our Consultancy and Support Services in regards to the planning of the Project. We examine the client’s requirements and develop a project accordingly. This analysis sets the ground for the offer regarding the realisation of the project. Once the pre-sale phase is concluded, the practical stage of the project is launched. This starts with the feasability analysis, then involves designing and constructing the equipment, and it ends with the finalisation, inspection and release of the product.

FEASABILITY ANALYSIS – The first step is to validate the production cycle of the item through the Feasability Analysis. This is done with the use of specific software (such as AUTOFORM), which simulate and verify the stretching and elastic springbacks of the sheet metal. This enables to foresee any anomalies during the production phase, such as an excessive stretching of the sheet metal which could lead to sheet metal breaking, or the accumulation of materials which instead could generate undulations and creases on the pressed item. Thanks to this phase, it is possible to reduce to a minimum problems which could arise during the testing phase. Should the client request (or if necessary) a verification of the stamping method, our Prototype department can provide prototype parts of the item.

DESIGN – Once the stamping method has been defined through the use of specific software, the actual Planning phase of the die begins. This involves designing each section to obtain a three-dimensional mathematical model of the equipment that needs to be constructed. The software that we have available allow us to read all of the most commonly used formats.
CONSTRUCTION – This phase sees the construction of each component of the die. All of the work takes place entirely within the company with the use of the latest generation of machinery operated by highly qualified staff. The manufacturing stages of each component are monitored through specific software and the completed items are verified in the metrology room before entering the next phase of assembly.
ASSEMBLY – Once the phase of construction of the individual parts of the die is completed, the Equipment Department begins the assembly phase. The components are assembled and, piece by piece, the die comes alive.
FINALISATION – Once the die has been assembled, we move on to the Press test and then on to Finalisation. This enables us to test the functionality of the die and to carry out any final changes so as to obtain an item which is perfectly in line with the specific, as well as dimensional, requests of the client. COMPLETION – During this phase the die is varnished and completed with the final non-functional touches, such as the nameplates supplied by the client.

SAMPLING – Viene preparata la Campionatura per Benestare e la relativa Documentazione che può  variare a seconda delle richieste del cliente.

INSPECTION AND LAUNCH OF THE PRODUCT – Towards the end of the project we carry out an Inspection of the equipment through a Functionality test. This can take place within our company in the presence of the client or directly at the production establishment of the client with the support of our technicians throughout the Finalisation stage.

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