WELCOME TO COPRAUTO, Sheet metal production has been our bread and butter for two generations. All of us spend every day in the fascinating world of sheet metal production. Here high-tech procedures are skillfully combined with the invaluable lifetime experience of those who have worked with sheet metal, handled it, caressed it, cared about it, and at times… yes at times have even cursed it before reaching the result they wished for… but only for one moment, right before falling in love with it again. We always produce each die, each item, each production, big or small, with the passion, care and attention necessary for the realisation of a work of art.
Our company, as in the case of many others, is made up of people who have dedicated their life to this world. For them, sheet metal production has been a lifelong companion. Our objective is very simple: we work hard every day to keep living in this world, producing dies and items each time more beautiful and complicated, and to keep finding professional satisfaction within these goals which have brought us this far. We all hope that these objectives will keep moving us forward, allowing us to become even bigger and more important in time.

The COPRAUTO firm started in 1968 primarily as a company for the production of “models” of items for the automotive sector. With time, however, it started to expand offering new processes and new activities in addition to producing prototype, thus enlarging the variety of services and products that they are able to offer today.

Our clients mostly belong to the worlds of Automotive, Electric appliances and Automation.


– Progettazione e Costruzione di Stampi per deformazione a freddo della lamiera. – Design and production of dies for sheet metal forming.
– Production of prototype parts through the use of soft tools and 5-axis laser cutting machinery.
– Serial supply of pressed parts and sub-groups of pre-assemblies.
– Supply of parts for precision machining produced to design.
– Supply of items for light metal work made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


– The company is composed of about 50 employees, 10 of which are indirectly employed with us.

– The establishment is located approximately 30 km from Turin. It covers a total area of about 14,000 sqm, with the buildings covering a total area of 5500 sqm, 900 sqm of which are made up of offices and services and 4600 sqm of which are dedicated to production and storage areas.

– In terms of revenue, the results we have obtained during the last 10 years highlight a positive trend and motivate us to believe in our potential for further growth.

– The diversification of the productions we offer ensures greater stability for the company and reduces the risk of losses linked to the fluctuating market trend. We now offer a range of 5 different products intended for various scopes and markets.

– During the last 7 years we have re-invested 12.50% of the revenue into new machinery

– To consolidate the trust and connection with our clients, by offering services which are constantly improving, high-quality and at competitive prices.
– To expand the range of services we offer by implementing new processes, so as to increase the possibilities of collaborating with our clients
– To expand the prospects of new collaborations by diversifying the source of our revenue between as many sectors as possible.
– To grow the integrity of the company, both in economic terms and in terms of our expertise, by investing in technology, as well as (primarily and most importantly) in human capital. It is certainly true that every company is first and foremost composed of people, but we are convinced that companies work better when the people who work there can also find motivation and satisfaction in their work. This indeed allows “the job I have” to be “the job I want to have”.

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